Sundance Club is enveloped by vast expanses of nature parks and preserves, spanning hundreds of acres that serve as sanctuaries for diverse wildlife. Within these pristine havens, you’ll encounter the graceful white-tailed deer, the majestic aoudad, the quacking ducks, the elusive turkey, and an array of avian wonders, from melodious birds to fluttering doves. The ecosystem extends its embrace to the minute creatures as well, with frogs, insects, and a myriad of wildlife creating a harmonious symphony of nature.

At completion of the development, over 1,000 acres will remain in a natural state available for all our members enjoyment. Our four (4) Nature Parks are broken into separate areas spread throughout the community. No powered vehicles are permitted in any of the nature parks providing a peaceful environment that seamlessly blends with the native flora and fauna.

The Canyon Lake Nature Park is located in the Northwest corner of the community and is ready for use. The Park includes over 260 acres and features miles of trails, the namesake Canyon Lake as well as a pair of smaller fishing ponds. Downhill and traditional mountain bike trails, improved and primitive hiking trails, horseback trails, wildlife viewing opportunities, fishing lake, and so much more await you in the Canyon Lake Nature Park.

Hensley Nature Park is ready for use and located in the Northeast corner of the community and features over 120 acres of space. Primitive hiking is available as well as a beautiful fishing pond. The Nature Park is easily accessible and in close proximity to paved community roads.

As with all the Nature Parks, Hensley Nature Park is private and exclusively available for members and their guest’s enjoyment. Hensley Nature Park is named for one of the family ranches originally acquired to create the larger parcel of land that now makes up our community.

At Sundance Club, we are steadfast in our commitment to preserving these nature parks, striving to minimize our impact on the delicate balance of flora and fauna. Our dedication to conservation ensures that these sprawling preserves remain untouched, allowing members to immerse themselves in the untamed beauty of Clayton Mountain while respecting and protecting the richness of the natural world that surrounds us.

Take time to endulge in the natural serenity of our Nature Parks and Preserves with hiking, biking, and UTV rides.