Whether you choose to enjoy a horseback ride in our arena or take a guided trail ride, the Joe Watts Stables provides wonderful experiences designed to enhance the beginner’s comfort with horses and eventually progress them to a more accomplished rider.

At Joe Watts Stables, we give our members all the greatest experiences of horseback riding without the responsibilities of ownership. Simply request an appointment with us and our Stables Manager, Chuck Waddell will prepare a horse for you and take you on a fun journey!

The stable is named after Joe Watts, the longtime Ranch Foreman of the family ranch that once made up what is now our Resort Club Community. In his 80’s now, he still lives on site and works cattle on undeveloped land near the community. A picture perfect example of the cowboy way of life, it only seemed appropriate to us to name the stables after our own Texas Cowboy Legend, Joe Watts.