With panoramic views over the 260 acre Canyon Lake Nature Park, the Eagles Nest Trailhead and Observation Park displays the pure beauty of nature for our members.  Equipped with an air-conditioned look out room, barbeque grill, picnic tables and a beautiful third floor observation deck, members have everything they need to appreciate all that nature has to offer. 

Eagles Nest makes a convenient location to begin an incredible journey into the Canyon Lake Nature Park.  Just ride your mountain bike through the canyon cut or walk down the stairs to begin your invigorating hike along one of the three trails that are featured in the Canyon Lake Nature Park. 

A wide array of native wildlife and flora is available for viewing in the Nature Parks.  Be sure to try to catch a glimpse of the exotic Native-African Aoudad Sheep that roam our Parks.  There is an adventure for everyone waiting at the Eagles Nest.